Swimming Competency Tonight

Posted by Matthew Hoare on February 23, 2019

Notice - Swimming Competency TONIGHT (23rd Feb)

Event Details: Swimming competency tests (Required for all water based cadet activities) Date of event: Saturday 23rd February 2019 Approximate timings: Arrive at Southbury Leisure Centre at 4.30pm. Event due to finish at 7pm.

Dress: Civvies for travel to and from the pool. Please pack the following items:

  • Swimwear (1 piece costume recommended for female cadets)
  • Towel
  • Water bottle & snacks or money for snack from vending area
  • Squadron coveralls OR T-shirt and long joggers (for higher levels of the competency)
  • Completed TG21 and TG23 forms (if necessary) – latest versions are attached to this email.
  • £2 as donation towards cost of the event.

Basic Competency swimming tests - all attendees (those already holding this comp can use it as a warm up for the next levels) Intermediate swimming tests (for those cadets who wish to attempt them - T-Shirt required) Advanced swimming tests (as above - coveralls required)

All cadets attending must at least undertake Basic - it’s not a general swimming session.