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Music in the ATC

Music forms a large part of life in the ATC. Whether it be playing in your squadron band or playing at a football match, you will certainly have a great time.

2473 Squadron Band

The 2473 Squadron band is made up of a variety of instruments fromthe bell lyre to the amazing sounding sousaphone. We also have a clarinet, trombone, tuba, and the all important Bass drum. Whether you play the violin or you don't read music you wont miss out.


Our band perform at a variety of venues and event, such as the much loved annual May Day Fair held at the green southgate, and our all important annual Open Evening.

Even more impressive is the fact that you may have the chance to play at prestigous locations such as the Tower of London and the Shard.

More local events include the Hornsey Carnival and Rememberence Parades. These occur yearly and are brilliant learning experiences.

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