NCO Dinner

Posted by Sergeant Miller on January 30, 2018

On an evening in the month of January, the NCOs of 2473 have the privilege of attending an annual dinner at the Royal Air Force Club up London in Piccadilly, Mayfair. This event is arranged by the courtesy of the squadron Officer Commanding, Flight Lieutenant Baker, as a thank you to the NCOs for their hard work the previous year.

All NCOs attend in a white shirt and bow-tie and hope they won’t spill anything that stains! A magnificent 3-course meal is prepared by the staff of the RAF Club and anything that isn’t eaten is usually stolen by Flight Sergeant Hoare – he will eat all the cake! A toast is presented by the staff and SNCO’s to the achievements of the previous year and the bright future of the year ahead.

The NCO dinner is a wonderful evening at a spectacular establishment, with lovely food and excellent company. The NCOs of 2473 are honoured to attend the dinner and is something that young cadets aspire to when applying to become a Corporal/JNCO.

The NCOs thank our OC for organising such a treat every year