Flying at Benson

Posted by Cpl Denli, Cdt Cornish on February 15, 2020

On Wednesday 10th July 2019, me [Cpl Denli] and Cdt Cornish went flying at RAF Benson and we both had a really awesome time. Here’s what each of us had to say about our personal experiences:

“We set off at 6:15 am, still not fully awake, however we either went back to sleep or ate our snacks but after two and a half hours, we arrived at RAF Benson. It was a warm day, perfect for flying, we went into the briefing room after crossing a helicopter squadron, filled with Pumas, having to shout. In the briefing room we were taught how to evacuate the aircraft in case of an emergency including learning how to safely function a parachute, which was great fun. Once we had finished the briefing, we were preparing ourselves for the flight and shortly after that I got my helmet on, visor down and ready to go. It was a very exciting experience, especially when we were taxiing towards the runway as there were military helicopters all over the airfield. Once we were airborne, my instructor showed me some basic manoeuvres including barrel rolls and loops and we felt a total of 3G-4G in the aircraft. I was quite fortunate as I was able to fly the whole time and also land the aircraft only because I’ve flown before. After that, once everyone was finished, we set back in the coach, exchanging photos and videos. It was an incredible experience.:

– Cdt Cornish

“It was my first time in a Grob Tutor before and I had one of the most memorable moments of my life. When I was called up to suit up for the flight, I was a bit anxious, thinking of the worst case scenarios but me and the pilot took off and landed safely, in one piece, after an amazing 40 minute long flight. At first the pilot was introducing me to the basic control surfaces and how to handle the aircraft smoothly but soon after we were doing loops and steep turns. The landing was softer and slower than I expected and I got to see a few Chinooks. It was an awesome experience. This opportunity is usually rare and I would recommend everyone to try it out.”

– Cpl Denli