Flying at RAF Benson

Posted by Matthew Hoare on February 11, 2019

On the weekend of 12th January 2019, 4 cadets from 2473 squadron attended a flying day at RAF Benson.

All 4 cadets had a great time and one even got to assist as ground crew.

Here’s what each had to say:

I had a chance to fly with some of my friends at RAF Benson. Despite the early start, we all had a fantastic time. I got to fly for over 45 minutes, take control of the aircraft, carry out aerobatics, and learn loads about aircraft in general. Flying is one of the things people join the ATC for, and I would highly recommend it to anyone. Sgt Jeffrey

The experience of an RAF base is amazing. Seeing the pilots take off and the planes in a hanger was awesome. We also saw the air Ambulance take off. You shouldn’t get upset if you can’t fly yet - you should be privileged you were chosen to see the RAF base. You could be a Marshall as I was. Being a Marshall was great! I got to escort the people who flew to the engineers and then get the person who just flew to the gear room. It was an amazing Experience to watch the planes take off and land especially when they did touch and go”s. Cdt Copping

My Air experience flight at RAF Benson was my second time flying. I was lucky to get 45 mins air time this trip. I got a little queasy during the flight but if you experience this, just turn the AC on to cool yourself down and you’ll soon feel better. It didn’t stop me enjoying the experience and I hope to go again soon. Cpl Abidi

Photographs courtesy of Andy Cottrell and Zack Gellnick.