Wing Fieldcraft Camp

Posted by Corporal Pryor on October 31, 2018

During the October half term , myself and a few other cadets attended a Wing Fieldcraft camp at Pirbright Army base which was an amazing experience. For the duration of the camp we were split into three groups (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced) where we learnt different skills and how to be tactical at our own pace. We had many enjoyable exercises which included camping out for a few nights and learning about fieldcraft.

In this period we learnt different movements and types of camouflage to ensure we would not be caught by the enemies!

Luckily enough majority of us had the opportunity to shoot the L98A2 rifle along some of the best ranges in Pirbright whilst the other half of us were learning about Radio within the field.

Within the RAFAC it is important to learn about fieldcraft not to mention it is also extremely fun! The skills and life lessons learnt within Fieldcraft are ones that are very important and can apply to any situation. You will meet some incredible people and I promise it will be an unforgettable experience!

Cpl Pryor