Brize Norton Camp

Posted by Cadet Copping on October 20, 2019

Cadet Copping attended the camp at RAF Brize Norton and shares his experience on the camp.

Day 1

Arrived at RAF Brize Norton straight away we jumped into a team building exercise this included a debate about which pie was better apple or cherry - Apple won.

After this we marched to the junior ranks mess we had our dinner.

We then unpacked our kit and got our uniform and equipment ready for the next day.

Day 2

At 7.50 hrs we formed up so we could march to the Junior ranks mess so we could have our breakfast. After breakfast we had a visit to the survival equipment specialist unit. This is where they prepare the uniform and equipment for the pilots and all the other air crew. This is where I was allowed to try on a pair of night vision goggles that cost over £20,000. Later that day we had a PT session with one of the RAF Physical training instructors. Which consisted of running with a log around a rugby pitch , power bag runs and tyre flips. We then went for our dinner, after dinner we went to the fire station where we were allowed to try on some personal protection equipment.

Day 3

We went to visit 99 squadron which have the C17 planes ( picture above). We then practiced our drill for the up coming competition ( which my flight won ).

Day 4

We spent the day at Bletchley Park learning about the code breakers in the second world war.

Day 5

This was my favourite day first we went to the air traffic control tower and had an in depth tour. I was one of the lucky 6 who got to try one of the Hercules air craft simulators. We got to land at airports such as Las Vegas and London City. After eating our evening meal we visited my favourite unit the RAF Police dog handlers.

Day 6

Home time