About 2473 (Highlands and Southgate) Squadron

Who are we?

We are 2473 (Highlands & Southgate) Squadron ATC. 2473 squadron was formed in 1968, we moved to Highlands School from Southgate Comprehensive School in October 2010 and we have contributed to the community and surrounding area of Enfield and Southgate.

New cadets

We will be recruiting again on May 13th and September 9th. Please do send us an email or text to find out more.

With the exception of January, May & August which is the second Monday due to bank holidays.

If you are looking for the position of badges on the brassard you can find them here.

Flying and Gliding

Flying and Gliding scholarships are obtainable for able and committed cadets aged 16 or over. You can also get a Private Pilots License through the Air Cadets free of charge if you are eligible.

Flying and Gliding lessons are available after enrolment. Just imagine yourself soaring in a plane thousands of feet above the ground. Have you ever been in a commercial airliner and wished you that you were the one in the cockpit? Well this is your chance to achieve that goal and become the master of the skies!

Adventure Training

In the Air Training Corps you don’t just learn to fly you learn to many more things including a lot of adventure training.

Canoeing is great in the cadets. Middlesex Wing often learn to canoe on the River Thames. You can gain your British Canoe Union 1 Star and 2 Star awards within the air training corps. All of this for next to nothing.

Other activities include:

  • Visiting RAF bases: There are many RAF bases around the UK and offshore ones as well, there are plenty of opportunities to visit these via annual camps that occur mainly during the summer. The activities range from base to base but any camp can be a fun one!

  • Attending parades in your local area: During Remembrance Day or Armed Forces Day cadets may have to attend parades to support our squadron and wing.

  • Flying the Grob Tutor or the Viking glider: Cadets will have many chances to go flying either on camps or when separate opportunities turn up. There will also be chances to acquire wings and be taught how to fly. Also, they can learn about what it takes to become a pilot and get a feel for what it’s like.

  • Chances to shoot: Cadets can shoot the L144A1, L98A2 or the L81. This can happen on either annual camps or specific shooting camps. There are even competitions that cadets can take part in competing with other cadets all over the UK and even form over Europe.

  • Adventure training including: Skiing, rock climbing, mountain biking, canoeing and much more. There are many camps that can be attended for example: Alpine Adventure were cadets can be taught to ski. There are also many other activities that cadets can go on the main one in Enfield being canoeing.

  • DofE Bronze to Gold: Cadets can have the opportunity to do all Duke of Edinburgh’s awards.

  • Sports activities: All cadets have a chance to do many sports activities and compete with others on a squadron level and if you get further there is a chance to get even further to wing, region and then corps level. Some of the sports includes: football, netball, rugby (for over 16s), athletics, swimming, hockey and cross country.

  • Walking: There is also a chance to do long distance walking were teams of cadets can go to national and international walking events, some of which include: Winter Warma – where walkers participate in walks at the maximum distance of 30km, Spitfire marches – A one day 40km walk over the hills of Folkstone Kent, RAFWARMA – A 2 day walk over which 80km is achieved, Nijmegen – Where cadets can walk over the bridges and rivers in Holland over 4 days where you walk either 160km or 200km in the military team or civilian. Over the time you spend in Holland there are concerts that take place around the town where everyone can enjoy themselves and relax before the walks start.