Posted by Matthew Hoare on February 07, 2021

In August 2020, Region Infrastructure was informed that Highlands School were suspending bookings to external groups for the foreseeable future due to Covid-19. Subsequently the team began the search for another suitable premises. In October 2020, 2473 (Highlands & Southgate) Squadron was temporarily closed and cadets were offered the opportunity to transfer to local squadrons, 85 (Enfield & Southgate) and 1374 (East Barnet) primarily to ensure continuity of the cadet experience for the young people of the squadron. To that end, after further, intensive discussion with London & South East Region and the wider National HQ, the decision has been taken to close 2473 (Highlands & Southgate) Squadron permanently.

I can hold in no greater esteem, nor pay high enough tribute to, the staff of 2473 (Highlands & Southgate) Squadron, CI Hoare, CI Dick and all the Civilian Welfare Committee who have put both immeasurable time and exceptional effort (above and beyond the call of duty) in keeping the squadron going for as long as it has been since the departure of the previous Commanding Officer. 2473 (Highlands & Southgate) Squadron would have closed permanently in 2019 if not for the dedication of these individuals.

Our immense thanks are extended to all for the support given to the cadets and staff during this period and we wish all well as they take thier next steps within our organisation.

Wing Commander Officer Commanding Middlesex Wing Niall Cumming