Squadron Dining In, Enrolments and Awards

Posted by Cadet Denli on June 18, 2020

2473 (Highlands & Southgate) Squadron Dinning In, Enrolments & Awards Night was held at the Royal British Legion, Southgate, London just before the Christmas holidays.

It was a delightful experience with a composition of mostly celebrating achievements and, of course, a lot of crackers! Before we sat down to eat the room was filled by crackers – well – cracking. This was probably the best part apart from the actual awards. After we finished with the crackers and made sure that there were no crackers left, we got down to business.

The food was absolutely delicious, fish & chip’s and it didn’t take too long to finish it. And then, the awards began.

Our parents entered the room around 8pm to join the Cadets and where given Mice Pies & Mulled wine before the awards started to get handed out and the new Cadets were enrolled into 2473 Squadron.

Almost everyone got an award that night, whether it was a recognition for something or whether it was a really important promotion.

Myself, Cdt Denli and all of the other new cadets were enrolled into 2473 Squadron. This is a very important and special ‘promotion’ in cadets. Coincidentally, it is also the first one you get. During this process, we recited the Air Cadets oath, led by Squadron Leader Green who is a very important officer and celebrated our enrolment. All of our instructors and officers came to celebrate everyone’s achievements along with DL of Enfield & our parents. Everyone enjoyed the memorable event.

Cadet Denli