Spitfire March Success

Posted by on May 30, 2016

At 4:00am yesterday 7 cadets from 2473 awoke ready to participate in a tough 25 mile near and around the cliffs of Dover. Meeting at RAF Northolt at just after 6am the cadets were still 2 hours away from where the march started. A long drive down to Folkstone later and they were ready to start walking.

Between 9am and 4:30pm, the seven 2473 cadets were part of the Middlesex Wing groups that went to the event. Everyone has heard of RAFWARMA but not so many have heard of the Spitfire March. In short it is a single day of walking, equivalent to the distance of one day of the RAFWARMA two day march. However there’s a catch! The Spitfire March takes place by the coast, prone to long steep hills and beautiful scenery, but if there is one thing that could be added to make the walk tougher it would be the heat. Needless to say yesterday was a very hot day.

The cadets walked a loop starting and finishing at Dibgate Camp. They had a number of checkpoints to pass but they also stopped the Battle of Britain memorial at Capel Le Ferne for a photo under the Spitfire! From there the views are great, you can see the white cliffs and blue seas, but the best part of reaching that point is that you know you're almost finished.

When the cadets arrived back at the Camp, they were greeted with a medal that they could show off and wear at other walking events.

A great achievement for all and we hope that more will attend next year!