Remembrance Day Reflection

Posted by on November 07, 2012

As you stood on parade on Sunday observing two minutes silence, did you use the time wisely. Not just reflecting on the fallen but spare a thought for those that are still fighting. They may not be on the front line anymore but may be fighting an emotional battle with the things they witnessed. The old man who was dropped behind enemy lines or ran up a French beach and watched his friends being blown apart. The younger man who heard the explosion and lost a limb from a Taliban IED. The Royal British Legion (RBL) don't just exist to produce poppies once a year and run parades. They work tirelessly with veterans from all eras to help them re-adjust to the world after their experiences in conflict, they also help the families of the fallen cope with their loss.

There's more to Remembrance Day than just a parade and a poppy, there's a million stories that make up the work of the RBL. Show them the respect they deserve, be smart, march with your head up, be proud of the sacrifice made in our name.